April 18, 2021

Women are becoming!

Yes! Women are becoming increasingly respectable. It’s of great essence and wonderful alteration that in this 21st century, women’s value have been vastly significant and their influence in the society as a whole have been felt.
Gone are the days when women were believed to deserve zilch. The times of women being restricted by barbaric customs and traditions set up by some diabolic leaders. The eras of our mothers suffering the consequences of the ill decisions made by those who has not the fear of God, but were acclaimed to have effected those things religiously where in reality was for their own selfish reasons. The beliefs were simply based on fallacies.
Harking back, we wouldn’t deny that women of the olden days suffered a great deal; it was as though their miseries have been built prior their birth only for them to be born into the world to live it. They were kenneled like a dog, caged like a bird and all their lives they had to live for the opposite sex. They controlled them, used them, hurt them and out of their wish are still obliged to respect them. It all stems from her father who enforces her into early marriage, robbing her of all opportunities to a good life, (because it was believed there were needed only when it comes to domesticity) to the hubby who continues to treat her unfairly like his possession. Their voices were seized and so they were seen but never heard. They were not entitled to opinions. They were confined; told what and what not to do all through their lives, and they’d lived with little or no fulfillment. As a matter of fact, their dreams were destroyed before they were born, their aspirations buried right in their faces. They were defined by weakness and mediocrity; and they were set aside when it comes to societal values and intellectual benefits. Precolonial women were plainly denied authority.
While they might have thought it was normal for them to be led blindly and have all their lives written for them, women of this era have proven to be different. They became the author of their lives. They confidently held their pen and became eloquent. They fought to be heard. They stepped on mediocrity, and nowadays, the memes “WOMEN ARE BECOMING” have attracted not just a few but a whole lot of people. This might be consequential to the wide range of development that have been experienced between then and now, but I would say, that women of the recent days have been on the limelight, encouragingly improving their lifestyles, impacting greatly to the society and hereby inspiring the generation in a more positive way, which have been felt by the country as whole.
They broke the rules, cut the restrictions, destroyed the cage and flew beyond limit. Nowadays, women are seen occupying higher seats, being in power and controlling instead of being controlled. They are no longer characterized by weakness, and gradually, a different version of women relevancies have been unfold in this generation. Women are now recognized to possess a kind of power that can’t be neglected or taken for granted. They are now regarded with so much respect and nobility. Women of the 21st century are making impact reverently.
Michelle Obama, being a specific study in this context, is an author, a lawyer and the first black FLOTUS of the United State who has succeeded in captivating the heart of many with her show of warmth, strength and positivity. She is renowned for her effective fight against childhood obesity and education for young girls.
In addition, we have Folorunso Alakija, a renowned Nigerian businesswoman reportedly one of the richest African women. She is famed for her involvement in fashion, (ROSE OF SHARON HOUSE OF FASHION) oil and printing industries. For years she has been ranked the most influential woman in Nigeria, soaring higher in her career life and influencing the generation through her philanthropic interests. Her foundation has helped a lot of widows and orphans through empowerment and scholarship grants.
Women are undoubtedly becoming. In a world that has been ruled by men over the past few decades, it is not just amazing that women have thrived amidst a lot of difficulties and challenges to attain this level of recognition, but also thrilling and extraordinarily encouraging. The seeds that were buried in those days have definitely germinated; see the trees stretching their branches fearlessly. Women have grown magnanimously influential and they now seem to have attained a height that is unstoppable.

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