April 19, 2021


The beauty of the sky was something to marvel at; it was wondrous and fascinating, complementing the serene aura so much that one could simply get lost in taking in its view. The well-defined blue and white patterned canopy that holds the earth firm. The sky is one of the many evidence of God’s intellectually creative perfection. No one knew about the partly obsidian nature of the cloud, no one expected it to interrupt the awesome view of the sky, but it did came, and with it came darkness. It superseded the sun and obscurity replaced the clear brightness of the earth. The sky became flawed, an indication that no matter how exceptional a creature seem, it possesses a certain imperfection, it now depends on what it takes to excavate it from where it is hidden. The cloud birthed rain; sometimes I think the cloud makes the sky cry, of course figuratively. A stop to the rain should denote the end of it all, but that wasn’t the end, instead it was a scar that etched on the surface…..
Same as it is applicable to humans. No one knew what hatred was, or whatever feeling is called bitterness. We were born in exultant innocence, attaching no reason to the smile on our face and seeking no gain before we could love. They found happiness in our adoring cuteness, we were a source of excitement to the world and our presence spread a scent of tranquility around. How amazing it was to us that we were growing, of course we were so eager, we all wanted to grow. However, we had no idea of what awaits us. No one told us life is a battle of which having an unwavering strength is the only way to survive. No one said to us that life is a race and we only have to keep going no matter our weakness. Life is a bed of roses; we all thought while growing. Unprepared, everything caught up with us too soon. The sudden realization of what life truly is, the other side of the world that was kept hidden to us surfaced. No one expected it but yeah, everything dawned on us, and the weight? We had to do something to not let is crush us. It was like journeying, of which we found love on the way but was always a reminder that hatred exists; we found happiness, but sorrow wouldn’t cease to show its face; we showed kindness but some hearts still harbor resentment. Betrayal showed up, disappointment made its way, inequality was there to breed enviousness. It became a game to win for all, a competition to strive for a medal, a battle of which our back must not be laid down. Life became a war in which we all cancelled living from the option. We were left with surviving, or dying. Afterwards, we forgot what living felt like as we continued to strive to survive. In striving, we lost happiness. Contempt arose, jealousy bred hatred and betrayal ran in our veins.
Where was the pure soul that were brought into life? They were lost in life’s challenges, finding their way to make it to the end. They forgot how to love because life thought them to be selfish. Kindness was lost in their heart because no one wants to let their guard down. Happiness discarded them and they drowned in melancholy.
We were all born to love until the world taught us what hatred is, we were born with kindness in our heart and bliss in our soul, we were made with so much adoration to spread to people around us, but situations changed us, circumstances hardened us, toxic people splashed the acrid wine, tasting it we all became bitter. Everyone became scarred, carrying around a constant reminder of what life had taught us, stifling love and showing dislike. Selfishness snatched our formerly concerned nature and all we could gather from the lessons is to save our self alone when the storm pop up. But whenever it crossed my mind that I was never born to be this way, I ask myself, what has life made out of me? Good, or bad? It saddens my heart to think we all yearned for this growth at a point, but everything caught up with us unaware.

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