April 19, 2021

I took the wrong step and I fell!


Yes! I took a wrong step out of indecision, I viewed two different
pathways while in the middle of a crossroad and made a wrong
decision of where to follow. The first led to a mountain, the other
lead to an ocean. There was absolute darkness around me with no
tinge of light. On that spot, I knew I had to make a decision. But
even the first three steps I took was injurious, and I found myself
giving in to gravity as I couldn’t get a hold of my balance. The
abyssal fall swerved me into a thoughtless state, and I didn’t know
what I could do. But I FELL.

So many times in our lives, life brings us cumbersome choices that
requires deep thinking and threatens us with decisions to make.
At that point, everything seems blur, even the back of your head could
no longer work for thinking. Strangely, you can’t just find a muse to
save you from the brutal and unwilling instability of thoughts. Your
mind becomes narrow, and your thoughts shallow. Regardless of that,
you still have to choose, because your life wholly depends on it, that
decision makes your future. Have you ever felt so bemused? That you
just want to grab the easiest edge and trail the line? You ever felt so down
In thoughts that you bulge to whatever first comes to your mind, without
properly weighing the pros and cons? Or considering the detriments?

Life brings us moments like that a lot. . You know you have to do it, but the
willingness to do it is gone. And in the end, you glimpse your downfall and
the aftermath of the wrong step you took. I want to tell you that it is not the
Something great can still come out of the fall, and it can supercede the
Failure in every possible way.

I took the wrong step, yes! I fell, yes! But do you know what happened after
that? I saw it clearly. I saw the route, I saw where it led to, I saw the path
that will lead me to the treasure. It was crystal clear to me. Amidst my
jumbled mind was the light that was there to direct me. My face lit up
In great delight, and I realised what I was aiming at. Because earlier
before the fall, I never knew why I had to go left and get to an ocean
or right and reach for a mountain. I just wanted to be over the crossroad
confusion and get over it. But when I fell, everything became apparent, and
all I want to do was get up, dust myself and come out braver to get the
treasure. And then, I found a purpose. I got a reason. I was freed of
aimlessness. And I could embark on the pathway journey.

The FALL wasn’t the end, it was surely a great beginning and a wise
discernment. Sometimes failing is what you need to realise what you
really want, or what power you actually possess in you. Sometimes
falling is what you need to stand up firm, braver and wiser.
Failure is not the end, but a means to show us the greater opportunities
We have ahead. Then, the shallow thoughts become wider and
greater, and the narrow mind becomes full of inspiration. Wake up. Wake
Up. You hear your subconscious whisper to you. Do it. Do it… It says
Further. And through the chaos, you resist every act of conformability.
That is when you build a better you, that never succumbs to the temptation
Of failure, but rather takes every efforts to make something great out of it. .

Inspired by a fall in the dark….

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