April 19, 2021

How to Handle These 5 Work at Home Distractions Like a Boss

I have wanted to work from home for as long as I can remember, and I have finally turned that dream into reality. Achieving this goal has been fulfilling, but I have discovered it comes with a different set of challenges than regular employment – mainly the distractions, which I have narrowed down to the top five.

Now, I am not a total novice to making income from home; I tried a few home-based marketing businesses selling everything from chocolate to storage solutions. I operated a personal grocery shopping business before there was Instacart, or any of the grocery stores offered a pick-up option.

Each of these endeavors was more for supplemental income, and I didn’t bring home near the wage I did when I was working out in the world. Since I did all these side gigs for fun, I didn’t pay much attention to how distracted I was while trying to work. However, now that I am leaving my full-time job to work from home, I am noticing how easy it is to get distracted!

#1 My Cell Phone

My cellphone is hands down the number one distraction to getting any work done. The problem is that I do use the phone for work, so I may pick it up to respond to a client, but then I notice that my lives are refilled on my detective game app, and I “take a break” and go play for a minute. One minute turns into 30 minutes before I even know what happened.

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