June 20, 2021


Alabi Olaleye Precious is the noble founder of preciousgeek.com. He believes in love, life and every other natural occurrences. Moreso, he believes in hard work and dedication, and that the human mind wouldn’t find focus on its passion except it goes through intense experiences that motivates him. He is an engineer in the making. Alabi Olaleye Precious hopes to inspire people with his motivational and creative posts so they can believe that, the real fear is not in failing, but in not trying. He wishes to restore hope to the hearts of many who has lost it and awaken the strong determination in every minds.

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Here is About Us. So, I welcome you to preciousgeek.com – An awesome online community and review blog where you can read about motivational,inspirational,career and success articles.

Note: Our reviews are only based on our thoughts and comparison, they are subjected to change.

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